Keys to Highly Successful Wealth Management

Whether you are planning for the future or find yourself in a transition through divorce, inheritance, settlement, retirement, or sale of a company, there are countless financial decisions to navigate.

In this first blog of our new monthly series, we suggest four questions to ask when evaluating who should manage your wealth.

1. Will I get a report or a relationship?

We want to educate you about finances to make the complex understandable. Our Wealth Management team is passionate about sharing our financial planning and investment expertise to give you greater peace of mind and to ensure your finances are in line with your goals. That is the reason we are starting this blog. We deliver a report to you on a quarterly basis, plus a one-on-one conversation to talk you through it, discuss life updates, and answer your questions. Our clients say that working with us is like working with a trusted friend.

2. How many clients do you take each year?

Our clients at Causey are a very exclusive group. We accept only a few new clients each year because our Principals develop a close, ongoing partnership with each of our clients. It is the best way to support your success over the long term. We spend time with you in confidential conversations about financial and nonfinancial issues ranging from your career, assets, and liabilities to family members and personal health concerns.

3. How are you compensated?

Many advisers are compensated by investment product sponsors or from the investment recommendations they make. By contrast, as fee-only, SEC-Registered Investment Advisers (RIA), Causey Wealth Management maintains a fiduciary relationship with our clients. This is the highest standard of care and means you can rest assured that we always put your best interests first.

4. Do your investment recommendations come from an automated program?

You don’t want your financial future to be left to artificial intelligence. Your goals are unique. That is why we seek first to understand who you are, how you envision your life, and what you want for your family’s future. We use these insights to create a long-term plan tailored to your individual financial situation and goals.

Causey Wealth Management is uniquely qualified to deliver best-in-class financial planning and investment management for high-net-worth clients. Our team takes a legacy approach, working closely with you to help you attain financial control, maximize your wealth, and secure your family’s future.

When you are ready to enter a relationship that brings together all the key elements of highly successful wealth management, we hope you’ll give us a call to discuss whether we are the partnership you’re looking for.

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